Third Wave Coffee Roastery from Tyrol

Specialty coffee traceable and fairly produced

These reasons stand for coffee from unbound:


Organic, Fair &


Unbound selects its farms specifically according to criteria that enable you to enjoy coffee without worries. We stand for fair trade and direct contact with the farmer. We provide you with detailed information about the origin and cultivation of your coffee.

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Coffee roasting &


unbound's goal is to get the best out of every coffee bean for you. Through careful, digitally assisted roasting in a drum roaster , we tickle special flavors out of each of our beans. Third Wave Coffee from Tyrol. In our coffee roasting plant, we work together with Lebenshilfe Tirol to give people with disabilities a chance in the job market.

Coffee flavors

Preparation &


Fruity-explosive, mildly nutty, or would you rather go dark and chocolaty? With more than 800 natural aromas, coffee offers even more flavors than wine. With our roasts, we specifically bring out unique and distinctive flavors for your personal preferences.

Product highlights

Find your new favorite coffee in our store - whether for the portafilter, the fully automatic machine, the espresso maker or for filter coffee. We roast for all preparation methods. You love it strong-Italian, as espresso and cappuccino, or do you prefer bright Third Wave Coffee roasts for Pour Over and Coldbrew? At unbound, we give you all the options. 

What our customers say

Coffee for gastronomy & hotel

You need a lot of coffee - perfect, then you've come to the right place! We offer you individual coffee solutions for gastronomy, hotel business, and other bulk orders . Contact us, we will be happy to advise you in all questions. Upon request, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you. 

You are not only looking for the perfect coffee, but also for the right coffee maker? No problem, with us you get a selection of fully automatic coffee machines and portafilter machineswhich you can also visit in our showroom can visit. So nothing stands in the way of your coffee experience.

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Coffee for offices 

Quality and know-how are important to you when it comes to your employees? So why should you compromise on coffee? Really good coffee creates a positive atmosphere in the office, which in turn has a direct impact on your company. 

We work out the perfect coffee concept with you, individually and personally.

Our coffee roastery

In our coffee roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, we lovingly roast your beans by hand. In the 15kg drum roaster from Gießen, they get exactly the flavor profile that makes your coffee heart beat faster with a roasting time between 8 and 18 minutes.

Just as a small comparison:

Industrially produced coffee beans are roasted in roasting machines holding up to 200kg in about 2 minutes at very high temperatures, which mainly produces unpleasant bitter substances and an almost burnt aftertaste.

With us, the beans are roasted gently and slowly and thus develop their full flavor diversity. To achieve the most consistent roasting result possible over several roasting processes, we work with Cropster, the market leader for roasting software. This enables us to offer you a consistently high bean quality.

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Coffee Knowledge - Blog & More 

On the unbound blog you can learn a lot about coffee. We give tips and tricks, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to prepare coffee properly at home. Here you can learn how to froth milk perfectly or how to prepare filter coffee correctly? You'll also get great coffee recipes to follow and learn about the latest trends from the wonderful world of coffee.
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