Working together for sustainability: unbound coffee roasters and KINDERN EINE CHANCE launch coffee-growing project in Uganda  

Last fall, Claudia, an employee of unbound coffee roasters, spent two months in Uganda working for the aid organization Kinder eine Chance. The goal: to support coffee cultivation in the region and to improve the quality of the coffee.
KINDERN EINE CHANCE was founded more than 15 years ago and has since built many schools and boarding schools for needy children. In addition to schooling, the organization also provides practical vocational training in many areas such as mechanics, plumbing, shoemaking and agriculture. Especially the field of agriculture is very valuable in Uganda, as many people own land, which forms the basis of their income. Through the knowledge and skills they learn, the students are able to later manage their own (coffee) plantation.

unbound coffee roasters is a young coffee roasting company that specializes in the transparent origin and fair trade of coffee beans from different growing regions. Supporting KINDERN EINE CHANCE was a way for unbound to give back to the region and create real value for local people 

Improving coffee quality through collaboration 

Through the cooperation with Claudia and the support of other partners from unbound's network, the quality of the coffee on the coffee plantations could be increased. In the past, the coffee cherries harvested at the boarding schools and schools of KINDERN EINE CHANCE had to be sold at low prices to large processing companies (so-called cooperatives). But now, due to professional selection and processing, a higher price can be achieved for the coffee beans. By trading directly with coffee roasters in Europe, a larger part of the added value thus remains in the region.

A win for all involved

"It was a great experience to work at CHILDREN'S A CHANCE and see how together we could improve coffee farming in the region," said Claudia. "I'm proud that together with unbound coffee roasters and KINDERN EINE CHANCE, we were able to present the first 100kg of coffee at the organization's 15th anniversary celebration."The founders of KINDERN EINE CHANCE, Stefan Pleger and Gabi Ziller, also expressed their gratitude for the collaboration, saying, "The support of unbound has been a great asset to our coffee growing project. We are grateful for the help in increasing the quality of the coffee and on-site training to increase our coffee harvest in the coming years."  

Outlook for a promising future  

Florian Mayrhofer, the founder of unbound coffee roasters, also sees a promising future for the project: "For now, it was just a test project with a small output quantity. As soon as we manage together to further increase the quantity and quality, we will be able to pay directly to the organization a much higher price for the coffee beans and the work done than the usual world market price for coffee dictates. We are happy to be able to contribute, even though we are still a small regional company." Currently, coffee from Uganda is not yet available for purchase, but a product with coffee from Uganda could be part of unbound's diverse range as early as the next harvest in spring 2024.

The coffee cultivation project shows how cooperation between companies and non-profit organizations can lead to a win-win situation. The joint initiative has not only helped to improve the quality of the coffee, but also to increase the value added in the region and provide local people with better income opportunities. At the same time, the students benefit from agricultural training and the opportunity to manage their own coffee plantations.

his project is an example of how small businesses can make a positive impact through local partnerships and socially responsible practices. These practices can serve as inspiration to recognize that each of us can help create a better future - through our work, our consumption patterns, or our support of nonprofit organizations. Every step in the right direction is important and we can all contribute.

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Four principals from Uganda visiting for the 15th anniversary of Children have a Chance in front of the roastery in Wattens. From left to right: Claudia Wimpissinger, Betty, Bridget, Rose, Gabi Ziller, Mugaga, Stefan Pleger.