AeroPress - Coffee preparation - step by step guide

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The AeroPress - a preparation method with the goal of optimally bringing out aromas and flavors in coffee without unwanted bitterness or acidity. Developed in 2005, the AeroPress is becoming increasingly popular and has been an integral part of worldwide championships for several years. As a combination of different brewing methods, it offers you great scope for your own experiments during preparation, and its compact design makes it the ideal companion when you're on the go. We'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the AeroPress, so you can turn all the cogs to discover your optimal coffee experience. It's best to consider our instructions as a "small recommendation", but dare to play with it yourself. 

The ingredients, for your AeroPress coffee

  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress filter
  • Coffee - best beans
  • Hand mill or coffee grinder (link store to Porlex?)
  • Fine balance

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There are generally 2 methods of preparation, the classic method and the inverted method. We would like to introduce you to both, because we find that each variant brings special features in the taste.

Variant 1: The "classic" method

Step 1: The filter

Insert the filter paper into the filter. Then moisten the filter paper with hot water. If you do this step immediately over your drinking vessel, you have the nice side effect that cup & co. are also already preheated. Now screw your finished filter onto the head part and place everything together on your cup. 

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Step 2: Grind coffee 

For 1 cup of AeroPress coffee, we recommend approx. 16g of coffee. It is best to grind your coffee fresh on a fine grind level - for example, level 4 on our Mahlkönig EK43 - and pour the coffee powder directly into the AeroPress. The included funnel helps you to fill it cleanly. 

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Step 3: Start timer & infuse

Now place the cup with the AeroPress on your precision scale and start the timer. We recommend that you use approx. 225ml of water for 16g of coffee powder. Roughly speaking, we recommend a water temperature of 93-96° - more detailed information on water temperature and its effects on taste can be found at the end of this article. If you don't have a kettle with a temperature setting, let the water stand for about 1 minute after boiling. 

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Step 4: stir

Take the stirring rod and stir the mixture of coffee powder and water about 10 times.

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Step 5: the plunger

The plunger is the component of the AeroPress that is responsible for building up the pressure. In the classic method, place the plunger on the head part and then pull it slightly upwards. This process creates a vacuum in the AeroPress and the water does not continue to drip through. 

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Step 5: wait & push through 

Now wait until the timer of your precision scale indicates approx. 1:30min. Then press the plunger down slowly and constantly between 1:30min and 2:00min. If you press too quickly, channeling may occur. This causes cracks to form in the coffee cake, through which the water seeks the fastest path and makes your coffee very sour and flat.

Now you can enjoy your AeroPress coffee.

Variant 2: the "inverted" method 

 We like to turn things upside down, so we would like to introduce you to this method as well.

Step 1: everything as before 

Just as with the classic method, you also place the filter paper in the filter for the inverted method. Moisten the filter paper with hot water. If you do this step immediately over your drinking vessel, you have the nice side effect that cup & co. are also already preheated. 

Step 2: Put on the plunger - we will use No. 4 

Place the plunger on the end of the head section and push it to just below mark 4. 

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Step 3: Fill in coffee powder & water 

Place your AeroPress on the scale with the plunger facing down and start the display. Now fill 16g of freshly ground coffee powder with the funnel. Then pour the coffee powder with 225ml of water. This should be enough to fill the AeroPress to the brim. 

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Step 4: Fill in coffee powder & water 

Stir the mixture of coffee powder and water well about 10 times. 

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Step 5: Put on filter 

Place the filter with the moistened paper on top. 

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Step 6: Let's plunge - now turn around 

After approx. 1:30min, take your cup or another drinking vessel and place it on the filter. Now turn everything over together so that the "plunge" process can start. 

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Step 7: Push coffee through & enjoy

Now press the plunger down constantly and slowly. Your coffee should be ready after about 2 minutes. On your marks - ready - enjoy. 

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The water temperature 

Our barista Clemi has spent days, weeks, if not months testing all possible temperature ranges of the AeroPress for you. Here is the result:

93-95°: our barista recommendation - this range provides the best and most consistent results for light roasts.

91-93°: is okay, but goes better

86-91°: leave it alone, a pity for the good coffee

80-85°: the miracle box - surprisingly good results for somewhat darker roasts, little bitterness, nice aroma - can be tried before

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And one more tip at the end: 

If your coffee from the AeroPress tastes too bitter, start pressing at 1:15min. Press constantly until approx. 1:45min. 

You prefer filter coffee after all? We have a video for you: