Milk frothing at home - tips and tricks for preparation without a portafilter coffee maker.

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Wednesday. 10 a.m. You're sitting in your home office at the team meeting on your laptop, carefully closing your eyes and your mind slowly drifting to the barista you trust at your favorite coffee shop, handing you your daily cappuccino to get you through your day at the office. You can truly taste the creamy milk on your lips and feel it gently spreading across your palate...CUT. Eyes open, coffee rescue approaching.

Table of contents

Table of contents

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So that you don't get completely lost in the home office and master the day with ease, we give you a few tips for cappuccino at home and show you how to get good milk foam without a portafilter coffee machine - because even for little money you can use these methods to make the best milk foam for your cappuccino.

The basis - the espresso 

The best basis for your cappuccino is an espresso from an espresso maker, also called a moka maker or bialetti. This comes closest to the espresso from the portafilter coffee machine and is very inexpensive and easy to prepare. How exactly the espresso maker works and what you need for it, you can easily read in our article "Espresso maker".

The espresso is now ready and waiting for its tête-à-tête with the milk foam. The basic rule for foaming and heating milk is that it should not get too hot. Above a certain temperature, the milk proteins are destroyed and the milk tastes bitter as a result. Therefore, always heat your milk only to about 65 ° - and with these methods you help the espresso and milk foam now to a happy Liaisont.

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Foam milk with an electric wand milk frother:

Filter coffee and drippers are all the rage in the coffee world right now - it seems like every other month a new, funky-looking, advanced dripper is invented that might as well be in a chemistry lab. 

With this method of coffee preparation, gravity assists the water as it passes through the coffee. The result is a clean, clear and light tasting beverage. Most hand filters are small, portable, inexpensive and just a darn good way to brew small batches of coffee with great flavor

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Foam milk with the hand blender

On the soup, ready, go! Your magic wand can also be used in a completely different way, because it can also be used as a milk frother. Fill the warmed milk into a tall container. Hold the wand in the milk and froth it on medium speed in about 10-15 seconds. Depending on the milk and the power of your blender, this time may vary slightly, of course. Pour the foamed milk directly into your cup with the finished espresso. 

Foaming milk with the French press method

We are otherwise familiar with the French press or press pot from the preparation of filter coffee. However, it is also ideal for making milk foam. A glass jug, a fine-pored strainer, a handle - that's all you need for this method. The heated milk is poured into the jug - be careful not to pour too much milk into the jug, or it will overflow quickly. Then move the handle from top to bottom with a bit of dexterity. Experiment a little with the duration of the foaming, after a few uses you will certainly get the hang of it. The result is a very creamy milk foam that can be used to make cappuccino and the like.  

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Foam milk by hand or the screw jar

Of course, you can also simply use a whisk to foam the milk. Heat the milk in a saucepan and then use your whisk to evenly whip small air bubbles into the milk. 

Another method from grandma and grandpa's sewing box is milk foaming in a screw-top glass: To do this, simply rinse out the nearest jam jar thoroughly, pour in warm milk and shake a few times - with the lid on, of course 😉.  

With both methods, the milk foam is unfortunately not very long-lasting and not very creamy-homogeneous. We therefore recommend that you use one of the other variants. 

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Learn how to make your coffee in the espresso maker the right way here: