Our coffee packaging not only looks good, but can also do something

Coffee preparation methods overview

Transparency is important to us not only in the origin of our coffee beans, but also in all other production processes. This also applies to our packaging.

Our entire production process is designed to obtain the highest possible quality of coffee. We guarantee that the coffee beans arrive at your home with this quality and all their flavors, and you can enjoy them cup by cup at home. That's why packaging is a very important issue for us and we have been looking for the best solution.

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The packaging and our high demands on it

As with other foods, the packaging of coffee must not only meet strict legal requirements, but also protect the contents, facilitate transport and provide you with information about ingredients. For coffee packaging, the requirements are even more complex, as coffee has many more essential oils and aromas than other foods.

The biggest enemies for coffee are oxygen, moisture, heat and light. To protect the beans, the packaging must have a low oxygen permeability. It also needs a "barrier layer" to protect the contents from moisture.

We have opted for paper bags with a PE layer. In this way, we deliberately avoid the use of aluminum, as the energy required for production is significantly lower than for conventional packaging with aluminum.

Of course, we would like to do completely without plastic, but this is not (yet) possible, because there are no comparable materials that can protect and preserve our coffee so. We have really tried to find a more sustainable alternative, but unfortunately bioplastics are not there yet. However, we are constantly working to develop more sustainably and will definitely keep you updated. 

Coffee preparation overview from top

What our packaging can do

The integrated aroma valve allows gases and CO2 that escape from the beans after roasting to escape, but no oxygen gets inside. This guarantees that the coffee beans can retain their aroma and do not become wreathed. 

Another highlight is the pressure seal, which allows you to reseal the packaging as often as you like. Thus, our packaging is ideal for use at home.

Another gadget that not only looks stylish, but makes storing the coffee in our packs even better, are the bag clips. You can find them in our store

For more information on how to properly store coffee beans at home, check out our blog's article "Storing Coffee Beans Properly at Home - What Really Keeps Your Coffee Fresh?"

Approaches to sustainable coffee consumption

In addition to finding a more sustainable alternative for our coffee packaging, we are looking at many other ways to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Here we also have a few tips on how you can make your coffee consumption more sustainable:

  1. Buy coffee in whole beans. Ground coffee loses its flavors much faster and absorbs moisture more easily.
  2. Buy in larger quantities to save packaging waste - adapted to your personal use, of course. If you pay attention to the correct storage, the coffee beans stay fresh for several weeks. We recommend that you buy pack sizes that will last you 1 month. Dark roasts can even be stored for up to 3 months.
  3. Avoid coffee capsules! Here, for every 5g of coffee, an average of 6g of packaging waste is produced.
  4. Buy coffee in your own containers if possible. If you have the opportunity to come directly to our roastery, we will be happy to fill your own containers. Tips for suitable containers can be found on our blog in the article "Storing coffee beans properly at home".

Filter coffee with hand filter.unbound

We also appeal to the awareness of each and every coffee consumer to choose a product that is traceable and of high quality. We cannot yet offer you ecologically degradable packaging, but we can tell you exactly what is in our current packaging, where exactly the green coffee comes from and how we have roasted it locally in Tyrol.

The correct disposal of our coffee packaging

The last step after enjoying your coffee is also important to us: the correct disposal of the packaging and this can be quite confusing. Is it paper, plastic or neither? We found out how to dispose of our coffee packaging properly and asked IKB in Innsbruck. Since we unfortunately still have to use a plastic composite (paper+plastic coating), the unbound bags are disposed of properly in the yellow bag or in the yellow garbage can. The labels go to the waste paper.

We are far from satisfied with this option of packaging and far from reaching our goal, but we guarantee to do our best to hopefully offer you a more sustainable alternative soon. And don't worry, when we do, you'll hear about it, because it will be a milestone.

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Our coffee packaging not only looks good, but can also do something
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