Alpine roast - coffee pods ESE

Alpine roast - coffee pods ESE

Coffee for the hut: 


80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

Degree of roasting:



classic italian

9,80 €

Price incl. VAT plus shipping. Delivery time 3-5 days

The Alpine roast in coffee pods (ESE)

our classic roast for ESE pad machines - no frills - simply a good coffee

35% Brazil (Arabica)

20% India (Arabica)

15% Honduras (Arabica)

10% Ethiopia (Arabica)

20% India (Robusta)


We roast our Alpine roast significantly longer under higher temperatures. This brings positive roasted aromas to the fore, while the acidity is greatly reduced. Classically Italian in taste, the blend scores with notes of dark chocolate and almond. Our high-quality "Fine Robusta" from India gives the Alpine roast a wonderful crema and refines it with a hint of caramel and marzipan - a dream come true in your coffee cup.

We stand for honesty!

That's why we tell you directly: our Alpine Roast is the only one of our coffees that we can't trace directly back to the farm. It is only possible for us to determine the origin of the beans on a country-by-country basis. For this reason, our Alpine Roast is not marked with the Trace-Back-to-Farm seal. Of course, this does not mean any loss of taste for you, you get the usual unbound quality at a top price-performance ratio.

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, roasting master Valentin and his team take care of the selection of green coffees and their roasting by hand. Lebenshilfe Tirol actively assists us with the packaging of the coffee. In the 15kg drum roaster, the beans are gently browned to the optimum degree using the latest roasting software from Cropster, allowing them to develop their full aroma.

In our show roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, everyone is welcome to look over their shoulder as they roast, or to taste their way through the range to find the perfect coffee for home.

You can find our opening hours and exact location HERE.

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