BIO Trio - BIO Espresso Blend

BIO Trio - BIO Espresso Blend

The espresso for those with a sweet tooth and world savers


70% Arabica: Mexico 35% & Peru 35% | 30% Robusta: India

Degree of roasting:



Pecan, milk chocolate, slight bitterness, pleasant spiciness.

AT-BIO-301, non EU agriculture
Trace back to farm
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45,60 € / 1kg

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Plant: Arabica (Caturra & Catuai)

Farmers: Farm collectives from the village of Miguel Grau 

Farms: distributed around the village

Region: Chanchamayo

Mounting height: 1,320 - 1,720 mts

Plant: Arabica

Farm: La Victoria

Region: Puebla, Sierra Madre Oriental

Mounting height: about 1000 mts

Robusta - India

Plant: Robusta

Cooperative: Manarcadu Social Society

Coordinates: 9.8234° N, 77.0721° E 

Region: Idukki 

Cultivation height: 700 mts


Don't panic, it's organic... and unbound.

Your organic blend that guarantees you won't have to cut any corners.

Flavors of pecan combined with a chocolaty, smoky note - the organic mix with a kick that will knock you out of your Birkenstock sandals. Let's just have some coffee and save the world a bit.

3 Beans - 1 love - 100% organic and fair

No flavors added

Nuts, chocolate and spice in coffee? Yes, and all naturally! More than 800 natural flavors can be found in coffee, without any additives. They are created by a wide variety of factors, such as the type of coffee, its growing conditions, its processing and roasting, and finally you can also influence the variety of aromas in your coffee with the way it is prepared.

Degree of roasting: dark - chocolate and nutty aromas are enhanced, acidity is reduced 

Organic Robusta from India

Our organic robust beans come from the Idukki District, a mountainous area in southern India. At different altitudes, the climate of this region can vary from hot all year round to sensitively cool. Our Robusta grows at about 700 meters and this altitude gives it the perfect temperature that the organic bean needs to grow. As you know, the coffee plant prefers it hot and humid, and in Idukki, in the middle of the Westghats mountain range, it gets its money's worth. High rainfall and tropical temperatures are guaranteed in this area - the optimal place of origin for our organic Robusta.

The Manarcadu Social Service Society

We get the beans directly from the Manarcadu Social Service Society (MASS), a cooperative based in the Idukki district. Founded in 2001, the organization already has more than 800 members and provides exemplary support to the small farmers on site.

It places great emphasis on helping the farming community improve their standard of living in the long term and contribute to a better environment through sustainable agricultural practices. Especially during the pandemic, the cooperative supported its members by securing drinking water, food and hygiene items

Quality meets BIO 

In terms of quality, our organic trio is way out in front. A mixture of such high-quality organic singles is unique on the market - and you will taste it. Our 3 beans from Peru, Mexico and India are roasted together in the drum and thus develop their unique aroma together. Despite its classic Italian roast, the organic trio is still very mild and pleasant on the palate.

BIO coffee by unbound

From the very beginning, we at unbound coffee roasters have been careful to buy from small farms under fair conditions. With our specially developed trace-back-to-farm seal, it is possible for us to determine the exact origin of our beans and to always be informed about cultivation and working conditions on site. Nevertheless, the idea of including a certified organic coffee in our product range never really left us...

In the end, it took us three full years to find organic coffees of our desired quality standard and many more hours to perfect their roasting.

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, your roasters Cati and Clemens take care of the selection of the green coffee and its roasting by themselves. Lebenshilfe Tirol actively supports us with the packaging of the coffee. In the 15kg drum roaster, the beans are gently roasted to the optimal degree using the latest roasting software from Cropster and thus develop their full aroma.

In our show roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, everyone is welcome to look over their shoulder as they roast, or to taste their way through the range to find the perfect coffee for home.

You can find our opening hours and exact location HERE.

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Preparation methods differ in the degree of grinding. 

This plays a very big role for the taste. We want our coffee to taste perfect. Therefore, you can choose the grind accordingly.

Coffee grinder owners (congratulations!) or fully automatic machine owners please choose "whole bean"!

If you choose ground for portafilter, feel free to use the comment function during the order and specify your machine. Even better, of course, is to grind it yourself. Electric - and hand grinders you will find at the Accessories.