LUNA Zero - portafilter machine

LUNA Zero - portafilter machine

The perfect dual-circuit portafilter machine for true home baristas.

Short info:

- Dual-circuit portafilter machine
- E61 brewing group
- Tank operation (2.5 l fresh water tank)
- Copper boiler: 1,6 l
- Brewing lever manual
- Vibration pump

1.490,00 €

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Your entry into the world of portafilter machines. The FUTURA Kikka allows the preparation of the perfect espresso and shines with a top price-performance ratio. 

You want to test the FUTURA Kikka first? No problem! Just come by our show roastery. There you can see all models live and try them out.


  • Double circuit portafilter machine
  • E61 brew group 
  • Tank operation (2.5 l fresh water tank)
  • Copper boiler: 1.6 l
  • Brewing lever manual
  • Stop function when water tank is empty (pump protection)
  • Stainless steel steam pipe (milk nozzle)
  • Extra thick stainless steel case

Dive into the world of portafilter machines 

The FUTURA Kikka is the perfect entry-level model. It delights with a great price-performance ratio and its classic design. 
With the E61 brew group, nothing stands in the way of your perfect espresso. 
Thanks to the boiler with a capacity of 1.6 liters and the powerful heater, the FUTURA Kikka shines with a short heating time (about 10 minutes) and ensures a stable brewing temperature. To prepare several coffees in a row and in between a cup of hot tea is therefore no problem. 

Two circles - a love story

The two circuits of the FUTURA Kikka allow you to froth milk and brew coffee at the same time. 
Two circuits mean a big advantage in terms of convenience - no long waiting time or complicated switching between brewing coffee and working with the steam lance. 
The ideal two-circuit portafilter machine for small and medium households, made in Italy, with new technology and time-tested design.  

Technical data: 


  • Height: 45 cm |Depth: 43 cm | Width: 29 cm 
  • Weight (boiler filled): 28 kg 
  • Weight (boiler empty): 25 kg 
  • Number of groups: 1  
  • Power: 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 1300 W 
  • Fresh water tank: 2.5 l
  • Copper boiler: 1.6 l 
  • Vibration pump 
  • Automatic boiler filling


The classic design of the FUTURA Kikka leaves nothing to be desired. 
Its simplicity and E61 brewing group give it a high-quality appearance. Thus, it is a real gem in any kitchen. 
Timeless design and high-quality technical functions - combined in the FUTURA Kikka.  
The brewing lever gives you a feeling of nostalgia when working on the FUTURA Kikka and also looks really great.  

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Feel free to let us know directly if it should be your entry into the world of portafilter, or if you are already "an old hand" at the machines.