Joe Frex Sudlade

Coffee powder scattered all over the kitchen? Not with this practical, household-grade coffee brew drawer made of high-quality stainless steel. With it, you can work cleanly and efficiently on your portafilter and dispose of your coffee grounds in style. Your espresso grinder will find its place on the brew tray in the future, saving you space as well.

Dimensions (closed, WxDxH):

  • D-mini: 13 x 22 x 8cm
  • S: 19,5 x 27 x 9cm
  • M: 27 x 30 x 9cm
  • XXL: 38 x 38 x 11cm

Polished stainless steel, rubberized tee bar
88,90 €

Price incl. VAT plus shipping. Delivery time 3-5 days

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