LUNA Next - portafilter machine

LUNA Next - portafilter machine

The powerful dual-circuit espresso machine for home barista professionals and office gourmets.

Brief info:

- Double circuit portafilter machine
- E61 brew group
- Temperature control (PID)
- Integrated stopwatch function
- 2 l fresh water tank
- Copper boiler: 3.0 l
- Rotary pump
- Programmable reference quantities (flowmeter)
- Tank operation + possibility of fresh water and waste water connection (flexible application)
- Extra thick stainless steel case

2.889,00 €

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Equipped with top-class technical features, the LUNA Next leaves nothing to be desired. Unmistakable design and Italian craftsmanship at the highest level.

You want to test the LUNA Next first? No problem! Just come to our show roastery showroom. There you can see all models live and try them out.

Technical features

  • Double circuit portafilter machine
  • E61 brew group
  • Rotary pump
  • PID control, electronic temperature control
  • Integrated stopwatch function
  • Insulated boiler - for high energy efficiency
  • Barista steam lever
  • Tank operation (2 l fresh water) + possibility of fixed water connection
  • Programmable reference quantities (flowmeter)
  • Stop function when water tank is empty (pump protection)
  • Stainless steel hot water pipe for tea water
  • Stainless steel steam pipe (milk nozzle)
  • Extra thick stainless steel case

LUNA Next - Features

Equipment and functions of the LUNA Next reflect the technical expertise of our trusted machine manufacturer, La Futura.

An espresso machine loaded with features that are otherwise hard to find in this price range.
A large 3-liter water boiler, combined with a powerful heating element leaves some espresso machines from the catering industry in the shade. This guarantees perfect brewing quality and temperature stability even when preparing many coffees in succession.
The E61 brew group revolutionized the world of espresso machines and made the ideal espresso possible for the first time.
The LUNA Next will last you for years and guarantee coffee preparation at the highest level.  

Work like a professional

Go with the Flow.
The LUNA Next contains a programmable flowmeter, the so-called flow quantity control. This technical feature allows you to program water quantities of different coffee creations to the buttons of your LUNA Next. This means that espresso and extended coffee always have the perfect flow time and quantity, which positively influences the taste of your coffee.
The combination of flowmeter and stopwatch function of the LUNA Next does not allow any errors.
The professional appearance of the LUNA Next is fully rounded off by the option of a fixed water connection. Fill the tank of your portafilter manually or connect it to the fresh and waste water. The choice is yours - at some point you will love not having to worry about the thirst of your portafilter. 

Technical data

  • Dimensions: Height: 43.5 cm | Depth: 51 cm | Width: 29 cm
  • Weight (boiler filled): 33 kg
  • Weight (boiler empty): 30 kg
  • Number of groups: 1
  • Power: 230 V | 50/60 Hz | 1500 W
  • Fresh water tank: 2 l
  • Copper boiler: 3 l
  • Rotary pump
  • Automatic boiler filling

Designed in Tyrol

However, working cleanly and comfortably on an espresso machine is not just about technical equipment.
Design is also of paramount importance here.
The matte stainless steel of the LUNA Next gives your espresso machine a flawless appearance. The extra-thick stainless steel housing makes the LUNA Next more robust and durable.
The E61 brew group is a visual gem and gives our LUNA espresso machines an old school touch - nostalgic.
As a crowning touch, the oak handles make barista hearts beat faster.
Functionality paired with sensational design.

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