Pacha Mama - Green Coffee Tea, BIO, 150g tin

Tea from natural, unroasted coffee beans

- cold ground-

A "nature experience

The bean:

The ground highland coffee consists of unroasted, high quality, single variety (Caturra/Catuai) beans


It comes from a small asociación from Peru/Chanchamayo with about 50 small farmers.


The coffee cherries, which contain the beans, are picked by hand, prepared "wet" and dried in the sun. The process is very laborious, but provides the best quality, as only the ripe, full-bodied coffee cherries are used.

Preparation of green coffee tea:

One tablespoon/cup of green coffee, pour boiling water and infuse for 4-6 minutes (vary according to preference). This allows the flavor and the desired substances (such as caffeine, antioxidant chlorogenic acid) to develop.


fine notes of meadow, hay and young peas, green asparagus. subtle sweetness

100% Arabica, pure pleasure, without additives

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