Pacha Mama - Coffee Cherries Tea, Cascara, BIO, 50g tin

The caffeinated tea with the full-bodied, fruity taste.

What is coffee cherry tea and cascara?

The tea has been made for centuries from the dried fruit pulp of the coffee cherry.


The coffee cherry is picked by hand, processed "wet" and dried in the sun. The process is very laborious, but provides the best quality coffee cherries, as only the ripe, full-bodied ones are used.

Preparation of coffee cherry tea or cascara:

1 to 2 tablespoons/per cup (250 ml) of coffee cherry tea pour boiling water and infuse for 4-6 minutes (vary according to preference, multiple infusions also possible). This allows the flavor and the desired substances (such as antioxidants and caffeine) to develop.


Fine notes of pear, rosehip, cherry, with a gentle sweetness

The coffee cherries come directly from a small asociación from Peru/Chanchamayo

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