Plum Crazy - Panama Single Estate Coffee Beans

Plum Crazy - Panama Single Estate Coffee Beans

The crazy plum from Panama


100% Arabica - Panama

Degree of roasting:



Plum, slightly spicy, acidic fruity

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Farmer: Carlos Aguilera

Farm: Carmen Estate

Region: Volcán, Chiriqui

Cultivation height: 1.800mts

Harvest time: December - March

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       6°44'48.6 "N 38°29'05.3 "E

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The farm

Arabica coffee at the highest level - this is what the Carmen Estate Farm has stood for for over 50 years. Carlos Aguilera is already the 3rd generation to take care of the property where his grandparents began growing coffee in the 1960s. At 1600m above sea level, only about 1200 bags of 60kg green coffee are produced per year. Quality and care in cultivation are also reflected in the taste: Carmen Estate is regularly found among the top 5 in specialty cupping contests. 

But it is not only the taste of our bean from Panama that is convincing: on the farm, both ecological and social sustainability are writ large. Child labor? - Thank goodness this is not the case: the farmers' children are allowed to attend school while their parents work on the farm. This is made possible, among other things, by fair wages and sustainable prices for green coffee. 


My trip from Panama seems to have driven me crazy, I can't control myself. Sweet as a plum or fiery and spicy? You have to take a diva like me as she is.

Degree of roasting: light - natural fruit aromas are preserved

No flavors added

Plum, slightly spicy, acidic-fruity? Yes, and all natural! More than 800 natural flavors can be found in coffee, without any additives. They are created by a wide variety of factors, such as the type of coffee, its growing conditions, its processing and roasting, and finally, you can also influence the variety of aromas in your coffee with the way it is prepared.

Recommended preparation methods

Our coffees can basically be used for all preparation methods. This recommendation is for your orientation only.

More about coffee and its preparation you can find in our BLOG.

Coffee from Panama 

Farmer: Carlos Aguilera
Farm: Carmen Estate
Region: Volcán, Chiriqui
Cultivation height: 1.800mts
Harvest time: December - March
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Natural
Harvest: Hand picked

Due to the steep terrain near the Baru volcano, harvesting is only possible by hand. Thus, in contrast to mechanical processes, each bean is individually checked for maturity and quality. Carmen Estate also pays particular attention to a sustainable water concept. This includes a water-saving processing of the beans as well as a treatment of the already used water. 

All these factors bring you to enjoy a fruity and spicy taste explosion on the palate.

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, your roasters Cati & David take care of the selection of the green coffee and its roasting with their own hands. For the packaging of the coffee, the Lebenshilfe Tirol actively supports us. In the 15kg drum roaster, the beans are gently roasted to the optimal degree with the latest roasting software from Cropster and thus develop their full aroma.

In our show roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, everyone is welcome to look over their shoulder as they roast, or to taste their way through the range to find the perfect coffee for home.

You can find our opening hours and exact location HERE.

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