ROASTERS Selection 1 - Cinnamon and fruit from Costa Rica

ROASTERS Selection 1 - Cinnamon and fruit from Costa Rica
Cinnamony fruity Christmas bean directly from Costa Rica

100% Costa Rica

Degree of roasting:

Light to medium


Cinnamon, brown sugar, pomegranate, lemon

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Farmer: Luis Eduardo Campos

Farm: Cordillera de Fuego

Region: Alajuela (West Valley)

Mounting height: 1,600 - 1,750 mts

Harvest time: November - March

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10°06'31.5 "N 84°32'13.8 "W

The farm: Cordillera de Fuego

After graduating from university in 1984, Don Luis Eduardo Campos planted the first coffee plants on his 20-hectare farm in Piedades del Sur, Alajuela. He thus laid the foundation for the unique coffee with a cinnamon note. But to make this coffee a special Christmas classic, another 10 years were to pass. Don Luis' original idea of creating natural coffee flavors through anaerobic fermentation took a lot of time to tinker and experiment. Don Luis also shows his innovative, progressive traits away from flavor development. For example, in addition to being a coffee producer, since 2017 he has also been a member of NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions), whose goal is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coffee business. In order to implement the vision of a sustainable, carbon neutral coffee, Don Luis implemented some projects to make his farm even greener. Some smaller projects reduce water consumption and increase the efficiency of the farm. The biggest project so far is the installation of solar panels, which provide 100% of the energy for the main office and 50% of the energy for the mill.

Thanks to the creative mind of Don Luis, we at unbound are able to add this unique, emissions-friendly cinnamon coffee to our assortment and are excited to make the hearts of all Christmas gnomes beat faster.

Cordillera de Fuego, rights: Gollücke & Rothhfos

The special thing about this coffee

The unique aroma of this coffee is the result of a special processing method. It all starts with the picking of the coffee cherries. Only very ripe fruits with a so-called Brix value above 26 are picked by hand. This value is decisive for the sugar content in the coffee cherry. A high sugar content in the cherry guarantees successful further processing by means of anaerobic process steps. To extract the beans from the coffee cherry, they are separated from each other after harvesting. The beans are then anaerobically fermented with the separated pulp in silo tanks. This is where the sugar comes into play. Fermentation breaks it down into aromatic acids, just like those found in fruit. The multitude of different acids creates a complex aroma picture of the coffee. Once the fermentation process is complete, the coffee beans are 100% sun-dried.


Just in time for the winter season, this 100% Arabica bean with a classic cinnamon note warms the hearts of frozen coffee lovers. However, this coffee does not remain a pre-Christmas creativity boost for gifts, because in the finish the specially extracted fruit aromas spoil the palate with fine notes of pomegranate and lemon. So not only in winter, but also in summer the absolute taste sensation.

Degree of roasting: light/medium - citrus aromas are retained, cinnamon and brown sugar are enhanced  

No flavors added

Cinnamon, lemon and pomegranate in coffee? Yes, and all natural. Contrary to what one might expect, no external flavors have been added to this coffee. Over 800 natural flavors can be found in coffee, and without any additives. These are created by a variety of factors, such as the coffee variety and its growing conditions. In the case of this coffee in particular, unconventional processing is fundamental to the diversity of aromas. A gentle roasting rounds off the taste and brings the union of cinnamon and fruit into the coffee cup.

Coffee from Costa Rica

Farm: Cordillera de Fuego
Preparation: directly on site
Region: Alajuela (West Valley)
Mounting height: 1,600 - 1,750 mts
Harvest time: November - March
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Anaerobic Fermentation & Sundried
Harvesting method: selective handpicking 

The Roasters Selection - the Holy Shit

Only the best coffees that we discover in our search for new farms make it into our portfolio as Roasters Selection. It doesn't matter how elaborate the production, selection or production process is. It also doesn't matter to us how costly it is to get this coffee or what we have to pay for it. The only important thing is that we stay true to our values - it has to be honest, transparent and sustainable. That's why we will never have coffee where animals play a role in the production process or where questionable methods are used in processing.

The Roasters Selection is just honestly awesome.
...let yourself be surprised what coffee has to offer.

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, your roast master Cati and David take care of the selection of the green coffee and its roasting. For the packaging of the coffee, Lebenshilfe Tirol actively supports us. In the 15kg drum roaster, the beans are gently roasted to the optimal degree using the latest roasting software from Cropster and thus develop their full aroma.

In our show roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, everyone is welcome to look over their shoulder as they roast, or to taste their way through the range to find the perfect coffee for home.

You can find our opening hours and exact location HERE.

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Preparation methods differ in the degree of grinding. 

This plays a very big role for the taste. We want our coffee to taste perfect. Therefore, you can choose the grind accordingly.

Coffee grinder owners (congratulations!) or fully automatic machine owners please choose "whole bean"!

If you choose ground for portafilter, feel free to use the comment function during the order and specify your machine. Even better, of course, is to grind it yourself. Electric - and hand grinders you will find at the Accessories.