Cold Brew: Does cold coffee really make you beautiful?

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Cold Brew: Does cold coffee really make you beautiful? In any case, it makes you awake and tastes brilliantly refreshing!

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The ingredients you need for Cold Brew:

  • your favorite coffee (about 10gr per 100ml), we recommend our singles: ShopimOptimally a coffee grinder like the Porlex Tall
  • a good precision balance (possibly with timer function)
  • Preparation vessel such as the Hario Coldbrew Pitcher 
  • optional filter (if you do not use a vessel with a fixed filter)
  • optional ice cubes, freshly squeezed juice, tonic water...

Where does Cold Brew come from? - An old hand conquers the coffee scene

The method itself was first mentioned as early as the 17th century. In Northern Europe, merchants and travelers did not want to be dependent on a heat source and simply poured the coffee with cold water. It only became a trendy beverage in recent years and is now an indispensable part of any good coffee bar. But now we're going to show you that cold brew doesn't have to be mainstream at all and that, when prepared correctly, it contains unmistakable flavors.

Good things take time - Cold Brew as a test of patience

A little something beforehand: this coffee specialty is only something for the patient connoisseurs among you - so better take a Snickers while you wait, not that the diva in you comes out. We see the preparation simply as part of the pleasure, because the longer you wait for something, the better it tastes.

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The preparation - so easy you can make Cold Brew at home itself

The coffee powder - freshly ground is half won

With this preparation method, it is especially important that your coffee is ground as fresh as possible, so that it can perfectly release all the flavors into the water during extraction. As a rule of thumb, we recommend 10g of coarsely ground coffee for 100ml of water. However, here you can unpack your joy of experimentation and just screw a little on the cogs until you have found your optimal amount for you. If you want to use your Cold Brew later for cocktails or as a shot in freshly squeezed juices, you can make it a little stronger and use more powder. The grind is very coarse for cold brew, otherwise your coffee will be over-extracted. If the powder is much too fine, it can also happen that it solidifies too much and settles at the bottom, which in turn leads to under-extraction. A bit of tact is therefore required here.

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The water for Cold Brew

Left-turning, 2135m above sea level, eastern slope? It's not quite that tragic. However, since cold brew is prepared without heat, it is especially important that your water is low in lime. Only in this way can it optimally absorb the existing coffee aromas and you achieve your desired taste experience.

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The cold "brewing

Put the freshly ground coffee into the strainer of your cold brew maker and fill the container with the desired amount of cold water. You can produce a little more here, the finished Cold Brew keeps refrigerated for at least a week. Swirl a few times and your Cold Brew is ready for the fridge. Make sure that your coffee powder is completely covered with water to achieve optimal extraction.

Tip 1: If you are working without a cold brew maker, simply place the coffee powder in a tightly sealed container and then fill it with the required amount of water. Shake gently a few times and put it in the refrigerator.

Tip 2: Just no space in the refrigerator? - Half so wild, you can also simply put the Cold Brew in a cool room. But make sure that the flavors are extracted faster in a warmer environment and shorten your brewing time accordingly.

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How long does my cold brew need to steep? - Wait and see and drink tea

Put your cold brew in the refrigerator and let it steep for at least 12 hours. During this process, aromas and caffeine are extracted from the coffee powder. At the beginning, mainly light, fresh flavors dissolve, the longer your Cold Brew steeps, the more slightly fuller flavors and a creamier consistency come out. In the end, you'll get a flavorful, light and refreshing end result with a decent kick of caffeine. After the brewing process, simply remove the filter from the pot and your homemade cold brew is ready.

Without cold brew maker: If you have previously used a vessel without a fixed filter, you will now need to run the contents through a filter. It's best to use a Hario V60 or Chemex carafe and a cloth filter, as you may need to divide the filtration process into several stages to avoid clogging your filter. One more step, but then you've reached your goal and can finally try your cold brew.

Coffee ready, now what? - This is how you drink your Cold Brew best

You can enjoy your homemade Cold Brew neat or use it as a special ingredient for countless drinks. Pure we recommend you to put 1-2 big ice cubes in a nice glass - for example in a whiskey glass - and then pour your Cold Brew slowly over it.

What is the best coffee for your cold brew? Floral, citrus and fruity aromas come out particularly well in cold brew, which is why it's worth going for light roasts. If you want to enjoy your cold brew with a shot of milk or cream, you can also experiment with medium to slightly darker roasts.

In general, however, this method reveals the great secret of good beans: if they taste good even when cold brewed, they are of very high quality. Heat and pressure influence the flavor of your beans, cold brewing brings you closer to the original flavor of your coffee and reveals its true essence. Almond milk or other milk alternatives also harmonize well with your cold brew and give a great taste experience.

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