Last minute gift ideas for frahling lovers

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Frahling lovers and Christmas muffle?

Yes, exactly, we mean you! You, who are looking for a brilliant gift idea and probably want to give a gift to a Frahling lover - or maybe you are one yourself and would like to share your passion! You, who every year desperately try not to buy a loveless gift at the last minute and then find yourself stressed out in a crowded shopping mall on the 23rd? You, are exactly right with us.

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If we have now wrongly called you a Christmas grinch, we still strongly suspect that the sparkling gift inspiration has not yet reached you. Because the demands are rightly not small: It should be an honest sign of attention, fit the character of the recipient and also bring a certain added value. This sounds logical, but (as you probably know) is quite complex. It's a fine line between a useful but boring gift and one that starts out funny but ends up being pointless. Because, unfortunately, neither the bagless vacuum cleaner, nor the funny personalized t-shirt will bring real joy to most people. The average adult is usually happy to receive a special token that comes from the heart and at the same time is usable in everyday life. 

Expand the coffee horizon

Most people enjoy their coffee routine day in and day out and don't want to change a thing - at least that's what they think! In any case, we don't want to give you false hope. Because the world of coffee is not only exciting and multifaceted, it is also a real challenge. The more you develop a feeling for coffee quality, the more critically you will question its path to your cup - from the origin of the beans, to roasting, to the method of preparation. Many coffees may no longer taste good to you! But, along with this warning, a promise: Your appreciation for a thoughtfully prepared coffee will surpass all efforts and save many a day. Therefore, your gift to a fragrant lover could be an invitation: Become a coffee freak! With our gift ideas should work;-) 
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Coffee sets

Coffee sets

The espresso maker - ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

With the espresso maker, you're inviting your coffee lover to take one of the easiest ways to make coffee to a new level. With the help of a few simple tricks (you can learn them HERE in our blog), this coffee straight from the stovetop has a lot of potential! It comes with the right coffees WTF and Plum Crazy, as whole bean or in the ideal grind for the espresso maker.

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The filter coffee - Back to the future

Filter coffee is currently experiencing a revival, and not without reason. This preparation method opens up entirely new worlds of taste and aroma for many a die-hard espresso drinker. Read more about it in the BLOG. In the gift set comes the Hario V60 (paper filter included?) together with the variety Go Nuts and Peachy Keen, for two very different and exciting coffee experiences! 

For even more style at the breakfast table, there's the Chemex made of borosilicate glass with a wooden handle and leather strap. For this you need the matching paper filters.  

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Hardware - accessories for the preparation

The mill

It's no secret and yet a revelation for many: Freshly ground coffee makes all the difference! Only with a powerful coffee grinder can you achieve the right grind for every type of preparation. But this does not necessarily mean the expensive electric grinder. Fine grinds can also be achieved with a hand grinder - provided you are willing to use a little muscle power and patience. In our store you will also find high-end products that are ahead of the game in terms of function and style. No matter which version you choose, a high-quality mill is always worth the investment!

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The portafilter 

Clearly, you don't necessarily need a super-expensive machine for really good coffee. For the perfect espresso, however, there is no getting around the Ferrari of coffee machines. Having a portafilter at home is therefore often the great dream of a fragrant lover. And if you're going to make your bank account glow, then it's best to use it for the daily pleasures of everyday life, right? The FUTURA Kikka is available in our online store - with a top price-performance ratio it stands out among competing models. For a little more function and style, we recommend LUNA One and LUNA Next. Without question, a great gift. But also one that is sure to give many years of pleasure. You can easily test our portafilter machines in Wattens and we will be happy to advise you on which model is best suited for you. 

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Variety of beans - coffee tasting at home

The hardware is already there, but your loved one likes to grab the 1+1 free mass roast from the supermarket? With our coffee sets, you subtly but firmly invite them to rethink their consumption behavior a little and to train their own taste buds. 


With our Fruity Beauty, Choc'n Brew and Go Nuts coffee set, the recipient can sample three of our best blends and choose a personal winner. 


The coffee set with the varieties WTF, Nutty Butty and Plum Crazy combines three high-quality singles. Single roasts stand out even more in their uniqueness and are thus a perfect gift for the gourmet (and all who want to be). 

Chocolate set

The hardware is already there, but your loved one likes to grab the 1+1 free mass roast from the supermarket? With our coffee sets, you subtly but firmly invite them to rethink their consumption behavior a little and to train their own taste buds. 

How many people do you know who don't like chocolate? We estimate that there are either a) none or b) few. That's why we've created a set for the chocolate and fragrant lover in one - there are supposed to be a few of those species left in the wild, we hear. The WTF, Choc'n Brew, and Go Nuts varieties go great with any treat that's partly or entirely chocolate. 

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These are some of our coffee best sellers?  

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