Production process

unbound specialty coffee - from the farm to your cup

The so-called coffee belt describes the regions on earth where coffee finds optimal conditions to develop its aroma. Every year, we at unbound go in search of beans from different countries to make your coffee heart beat faster and to appeal to your taste buds over and over again. In addition to transparency and fair trade, quality and taste are of course at the top of our list. With direct trade processes and personal contact with our farmers, we want to offer you the coffee experience you deserve, because: specialty coffee is not a product of chance!

Origin of our coffees

We currently source our coffee from 10 farms scattered across the equator. We place particular emphasis on a diverse flavor profile, because each region and each bean brings its own unique aspects. Depending on the cultivation altitude and climate, characteristic flavors develop, such as the nutty-mild aroma of our Brazilian bean. On our map you can get an overview of the origin of our beans and get some more detailed information about our coffee farms:

Why trace-back-to-farm and not fair trade?

We at unbound have developed our own trace-back-to-farm seal to make our production chain as transparent as possible for you. With this process we support fair wages, give children of farmers a fair chance for school education and get back the best specialty coffee as a thank you.

Young company - High costs

With our own seal, we shift our main focus to the personal contact with our farmers. This allows us to control the working conditions on site much better and the money arrives directly at the farm and does not pass through several hands. 

The roasting process in our show coffee roastery

In our coffee roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, we lovingly roast your beans by hand. In the 15kg drum roaster from Gießen, they get exactly the flavor profile that makes your coffee heart beat faster with a roasting time between 8 and 18 minutes.

Just as a small comparison:

Industrially produced coffee beans are roasted in roasting machines holding up to 200kg in about 2 minutes at very high temperatures, which mainly produces unpleasant bitter substances and an almost burnt aftertaste.

With us, the beans are roasted gently and slowly and thus develop their full flavor diversity. To achieve the most consistent roasting result possible over several roasting processes, we work with Cropster, the market leader for roasting software. This enables us to offer you a consistently high bean quality.

Lebenshilfe Tyrol 

When it comes to blending and packaging, we get active support from the clients of Lebenshilfe Tirol. Every Thursday, Herby and his supervisor make sure that the right green coffee is ready for roasting, and Marina, our packaging fairy, makes sure that the finished specialty coffee is packaged for you as quickly as possible. It is a collaboration from which both sides benefit greatly and we are very happy to have the Lebenshilfe team on board with us.