Our show coffee roastery in Tyrol

In our show coffee roastery in Wattens you can look over our shoulder at work.

You always wanted to know how coffee is roasted? No problem - come by and immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffee. Mixing, roasting and packaging, here we still do everything ourselves. Here you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, pick up your webshop order or just have a chat with the coffee roasters you trust.

unbound coffee roastery by night
Drum roaster from Giesen at unbound

The roasting process in the drum roaster 

In the 15kg drum roaster from Gießen, our coffee beans are roasted for between 8 and 18 minutes, giving them exactly the flavor profile that makes your coffee heart beat faster.

Just as a small comparison:

Industrially produced coffee beans are roasted in roasting machines holding up to 200kg in about 2 minutes at very high temperatures, resulting in unpleasant bitter substances and an almost burnt aftertaste.

With us, the coffee beans are roasted gently and slowly and thus develop their full flavor diversity. To achieve the most consistent roasting result possible over several roasting processes, we work with Cropster, the market leader for roasting software. This enables us to offer you a consistently high bean quality.

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, your roastmaster Cati and Clemens take care of the selection of the green coffee and its roasting by themselves.

For mixing and packing we get active support from the clients of the Lebenshilfe Tyrol. Every Thursday, Herbi and his supervisor make sure that the right green coffee is ready for roasting and Marina, our packaging fairy, makes sure that the finished specialty coffee is packed for you as quickly as possible. It is a collaboration from which both sides benefit greatly and we are very happy to have the Lebenshilfe team on board with us.

Herbi and Marina from Lebenshilfe at unbound
Logo workshop Wattens

Our home in Wattens

We are very happy to have found a home in the Wattens workshop. We have made ourselves comfortable in the old Swarovski factory halls. An ingenious network of founders and entrepreneurs is behind this idea.

The location in the middle of Tyrol near Innsbruck is a stroke of luck for us. This allows us to live out our love of the mountains and nature alongside our passion for coffee in our free time.

Directions to the coffee roastery

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