The team behind unbound

"Through knowledge, transparency and openness, we are creating greater awareness about food consumption."

Why unbound? That's the reason why we decided to completely kamikaze the standard coffee market. We want to achieve this goal together with you as a team. To do this, we want to involve you as a consumer more in the "coffee process".

Florian Mayrhofer

Flo.Innsbruck. Chief

Florian is a coffee roasting company founder, roasting curve developer, coffee bean taster, creative content manager, latte art master, garage carpenter, reasoning chain originator, thinking sports professional and professional slob - in short: boss. Nobody really knows what he does as a boss, but apparently he does his job very well, otherwise unbound wouldn't be so cool. 

Florian Mayrhofer from unbound coffee roasters

Alois Moosbauer


Every good team needs an import from Bavaria. Our Alois is your contact for the best coffee and everything that goes with it. As a trained retail salesman for sports, he could sell you any junk - but it's a good thing that's not necessary at unbound. Together with Flo & Lukas, Alois puts a lot of time, know-how, sweat, nerves and the odd (happy) tear into the development of our brand.


Alois Moosbauer from unbound coffee roasters

Claudia Wimpissinger


Claudschi brings order to things that physically cannot be ordered at all, for example Flo's desk. With her, the sun always comes up when she enters the room. And she doesn't just keep things in order when it comes to accounting. Our sweet unbound dog Nuka can also call Claudia the best dog mommy.


Claudia Wimpissinger from unbound coffee roasters

Valentin Possert


Valle is our top striker in the team. No matter what unrealistic task he receives from the highest level - Valle makes it possible. As head of coffee, he makes sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction and develops holistic strategies for the common goal: "make coffee great again! Future orientation is his strength and, as a native of Tyrol, he also has the necessary composure to survive in the unbound jungle.


Valentin Possert from unbound coffee roasters

Catrin Weber


Cati not only makes sure that your coffee tastes great at the roastery, but also keeps order in the chaos. She keeps track of everything, even when it's all higgledy-piggledy and is therefore actually boss 2.0. As a career changer, she brings her athletic background into the roasting drum and is always at 110% at the start.


Catrin Weber from unbound coffee roasters

Herbi & Marina


Herbi and Marina from the Lebenshilfe Tyrol support us with the roasting. Their good mood and irrepressible motivation get us all going so that the day can only be good. Herbi makes sure that Cati can't even keep up with the roasting, he provides so much coffee for her. And Marina takes great care to ensure that the packaging is correct and that everything in the roastery always runs as it should.

Herbi and Marina from unbound

Julian Mayrhofer


Julian is a full-time brother and has always been part of the team. Because of him there is discipline and order in the company. In addition, his creative streak makes for great pictures and his craftsmanship has saved us from trouble a few times. 


Julian Mayrhofer from unbound coffee roasters

Günter Mayrhofer


He has been in the coffee business since 1985 and still hasn't had enough. He supports his son Flo wherever he can and is of the opinion: "Finally a g'scheiden Kaffee!". In addition to years of experience, he brings his stable customer base with him. His exclusive tip for success in business: "sell must!".

Günter Mayrhofer from unbound coffee roasters



Nuka is our Unbound representative on four paws. In addition to her faithful companionship, she ensures with a lot of charm and finesse that our thinking breaks as well as her caresses do not come too short.

Nuka - our dog - from unbound