Coffee nutty and mild

A great complexity characterizes these coffee beans and provide a real taste adventure. At the same time, acidity and bitterness remain very well balanced. A little almond, hazelnut, marzipan or a hint of black tea? Wow... you're almost breathless with excitement. In any case, we are thrilled. You can really prepare these coffees with almost any method. Espresso, stovetop pot or as filter coffee.

8,40 €
8,40 €

Coffee from unbound

We stand for direct contact with the coffee farmer. This enables fair trade and sustainable relationships with our suppliers. This is supported by our own Trace Back to Farm seal In the meantime, we can even offer extremely high-quality organic coffee offer. We provide you with information on the origin and type of bean, the degree of roasting and, of course, the taste.

In our coffee roastery we are always working to get the best out of every coffee bean for you. Through our drum roaster, we can produce a consistent and very gentle quality. In doing so, we also do something good and work together with Lebenshilfe Tirol. They take care of the blending and packaging of the valuable coffee beans. Your coffee is packed in special aroma protection bags so that your coffee beans arrive as fresh as possible and you will enjoy your unbound coffee with every sip. We roast only as much as necessary and always send the freshest coffee possible. 

In the process, we produce coffees with unique flavors. We have a wide range of varieties in our offer. You will find both classic espresso blends with a nutty-chocolate character or very modern fruity coffees. We focus on blends as well as singles (pure varieties). We use both Arabica and robust beans. 

Our coffee beans are suitable for all conceivable preparation methods. We have espresso roasts for portafilter, espresso maker (stove-top pot) or fully automatic machines, but of course also lighter roasts for filter coffee (Pour-Over), French Press, Aeropress or Coldbrew.