BIO coffee by unbound

traceable back to the farm
100% organic, 100% sexy

The search for suitable BIO coffees

From the very beginning, we at unbound coffee roasters have been careful to buy from small farms under fair conditions. With our specially developed trace-back-to-farm seal, it is possible for us to determine the exact origin of our beans and to always be informed about cultivation and working conditions on site. Nevertheless, the idea of including a certified organic coffee in our product range never really left us...

In the end, it took us three full years to find organic coffees of our desired quality standard and many more hours to perfect their roasting. Now we are proud to offer four different organic roasts: three singles and one blend.

Find the organic coffee that suits you perfectly! ❤️


From this four farms from four countries we obtain the green coffees that give the coffees of the organic line their unique taste.

Our promise: Coffee roasted in Tyrol, traceable to the farm:

Here you get the coffees

All unbound BIO coffees are of course available in our show roastery and in our online store. We are proud that you can also find some of our roasts in selected retailers: Please note that promotions and offers are usually only valid at the retailer who advertised them.