WTF - 100% Fine Robusta Single Estate Coffee Beans

WTF - 100% Fine Robusta Single Estate Coffee Beans

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100% Robusta - Rwanda

Degree of roasting:



Walnut, hazelnut, slightly bitter, hardly any acidity

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Washing Station: Kiyumba Washing Station

Region: Muhaga district

Cultivation height: 1,500mts

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       6°44'48.6 "N 38°29'05.3 "E

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The farms

Coffee has been grown in Africa's most populous country since around 1930. Agriculture plays a major role, as almost 85% of the population live directly from it. Coffee is grown on the plateau mainly by small family farms on steep slopes.


I am the 100% Robusta roast that makes your pulse beat faster. With me, almond and walnut set the tone, while marzipan and creamy sweetness are added for good measure - a rock concert in your cup. Caffeine plays first fiddle, and my crema? - It'll knock your socks off. If I'm too strong, you're too weak! The stage is yours!

No flavors added

Walnut, hazelnut, slightly bitter, hardly any acid? Yes, and all natural! More than 800 natural flavors can be found in coffee, without any additives. They are created by a wide variety of factors, such as the type of coffee, its growing conditions, its processing and roasting, and finally you can also influence the variety of aromas in your coffee with the way it is prepared.

Coffee from Rwanda: 

Harvest time: June-July

Processing: Fully washed
Harvesting method: Handpicking
Soil: clay soil
Irrigation: rainfall

Our bean comes from the region around the Muhanga district in the south of Rwanda. With its subtropical climate and mountainous landscape, it offers optimal conditions for our Fine Robusta. The bean is characterized by a very soft Robusta flavor. It mixes malty-sweet notes with a hint of marzipan and aromas of almond and walnut.

W.T.F. is Robusta?

Large, flat and oval (Arabica, on the left) vs. small and round (Robusta, on the right) - these are the characteristics that immediately catch your eye when you look at Arabica and Robusta beans. However, there is more to it than a completely different appearance:
The Arabica plant is, so to speak, the diva among coffee bushes. It is relatively demanding in cultivation, because it is quickly too hot or too cold. The Robusta plant, on the other hand, is of the harder variety. It is easier to grow and its yield is also higher.
There are also some differences in taste between the opponents. While the Arabica bean usually scores with mild, fruity flavors, the Robusta bean comes up trumps with stronger, woody-earthy flavors. Robusta beans contain far fewer coffee oils than Arabica beans. For this reason, the crema of Robusta is usually more pronounced and it is therefore particularly popular for Italian roasts. 

Rubusta coffee, a quality check

The Robusta bean is small but mighty when it comes to caffeine content. On average, it contains around twice as much caffeine as its Arabica counterpart. 

30:70 - that is the distribution of Robusta and Arabica beans in the global coffee volume. Contrary to widespread opinion, the term "Robusta" nowadays does not automatically mean poor-quality coffee. The term "Fine Robusta" refers to high-quality coffee beans that are in no way inferior to Arabica beans in terms of taste and complexity. As always, what matters here is careful cultivation and careful processing, because then even a Robusta bean can put a big grin on your face. 

For this reason, we have developed our W.T.F coffee. Its aroma complexity has really blown us away - we are blown away and want to give you this moment of joy too! Give it a try!

Hand roasted in Tyrol

With special care, roasting master Valentin and his team take care of the selection of the green coffee and its roasting. Lebenshilfe Tirol actively assists us with the packaging of the coffee. In the 15kg drum roaster, the beans are gently browned to the optimum degree using the latest roasting software from Cropster, allowing them to develop their full aroma.

In our show roastery in Wattens in Tyrol, everyone is welcome to look over their shoulder as they roast, or to taste their way through the range to find the perfect coffee for home.

You can find our opening hours and exact location HERE.

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Preparation methods differ in the degree of grinding. 

This plays a very big role for the taste. We want our coffee to taste perfect. Therefore, you can choose the grind accordingly.

Coffee grinder owners (congratulations!) or fully automatic machine owners please choose "whole bean"!

If you choose ground for portafilter, feel free to use the comment function during the order and specify your machine. Even better, of course, is to grind it yourself. Electric - and hand grinders you will find at the Accessories.